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Exclamation My last chance ..

I'm a new member to this site, and frankly, as of about 7 months ago, new to the idea of polyamory.
I'm very young (18) and have found myself doing whatever I can to stay with this man. So let me start from the beginning.
A few months ago I met a young, 25 year old man online. I knew he was married and didn't look into having any sort of romantic relations with him. We eventually became really close really fast. His wife new me, talked with me often and seemed to enjoy my company. After about two months, this man (Mitchell) and I fell in love without ever meeting each other. We tried at first to start things between the three of us, but things got uncomfortable for me and decided to try and stay close friends. However, when things got rough at home, I was invited to stay with him and his wife at their home. When I arrived in Florida to meet him, feelings returned very quickly and as a result, our relationship was revived. To no surprise, his wife was very uncomfortable and jealous of our relationship. We tried to make things work, such as suggesting to have more threesomes instead of single encounters, girl bonding time outside of the house, and cutting back on general affection. But she wasn't as open to the idea as we were. After three months of waking up next to the love of my life, I was forced to return home, with no hope of coming back.
It was been a month since I left and I was invited back by Mitchell to try making things work this time. We have set a list of general ground rules such as setting alone time, no restricting sex between the two people who want it, and going out together. But I'm not quite sure it will work this time.
I'm looking for advice on how to make this encounter better. How to make her feel more comfortable with our relationship and open her to our views.
Thank you xx
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