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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Don't get me wrong. We discussed all the hot topics from Sex, Politics, Religion, name it. There were arguments that would peel the electronic paint off the virtual walls of the chatroom.

But they always shared something in common...people didn't take differences of opinion personally.
They could vehemently disagree with someone on one thread with every fibre of their soul, and on another thread they could be walking lockstep together in a debate with someone else. They'd all still be sitting at a table together having a beer or pop or something once a week, often only hours after their latest post in a week-long ongoing debate. I do miss that part.
I find this compelling. It is beyond me why it is such a frequent occurrence for some to cry out "you're attacking me" and/or "you're judging me" when no personal references were made. Only ideas were being exchanged.

In addition to this, I marvel at how easily some fall into condemning others on a personal level for having discussion. When the discussion gets too "heated" (whatever that means) for some, suddenly they start to analyze discussion styles and methods and why poster Z's discussion style is bad and only seeking to win an argument.
"Debate" may even be described as some great evil. Or if they are less "sophisticated" than that, they simply insult poster Z directly. Name calling is fairly simple. Jokes underhanded or not.

Both of these things herald the end of debate and the beginning of a descent into nonsense and the absurd.

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