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Default My newest UU experience

Hi katharinerose and everyone!

We visited another UU church a few weeks ago. The church itself is much brighter. More windows and more sunlight. The people are still very friendly. My love felt a few were "close-talkers" a la Seinfeld. This would be true.

Oddly, as in katharinerose's case, the minister was also not there and the service was run by the church leaders. I felt the service was very moving still as it centered on volunteerism and the experiences of the members who volunteered in different ways was shared.

My first impression is that this UU church is more service-oriented. More active. More activist. In addition to this, there was more of a Christian flavor here than in the other UU church we had visited. Both congregations are full of children but this one also seemed to have many teenagers and more younger adults than the other.

Coffee hour afterwards was still fun and full of discussion and mingling. I carried out tons of literature as I'm wont to do.

Currently I prefer the previous UU church but I think this has a great deal to do with the overwhelmingly welcome atmosphere I felt when I went to the first. It was as though the sermons and guest speakers were speaking to my experience personally even while the majority of the congregation may not have been from the same background as me. I also like the regular references to and insights taken from various religions.

I think it was matter of being in the right place at the right time unusually.

Depending on which sermon and events move us, we'll go back and forth between the two.

My birthday is coming up and we'll be going to the city (NYC). I'm hoping to visit one of the UU churches there as well and see what it's like. And perhaps meet up with a few poly people .

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