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Yes, Love & Rockets by Los Bros Hernandez (the original series "Locas").

It's a "comic" book series and it features Maggie and Hopey, two young Latina-american punk-rockers. Hopey is a lesbian and Maggie is bi (but only with Hopey) and they both see other people but keep coming back to each other.

There are many, many other characters and many sub-plots that don't even involve M & H. The other brother Beto (Jaime is the one who writes Locas) does stories about a small central-american (Mexican) fictional town called Palomar and the adventures and misadventures of the residents there.

The series also has a lot of shorter self-contained stories and some of them are on the sci-fi side.

Beto has also done a porno-graphic novel called "Birdland" which I highly recommend.

Normally, I would provide links to these materials, but as per the site guidelines, I recommend the following Google search terms:

Love & Rockets Comics (not to be confused with the band who GOT THEIR NAME FROM THE COMIC BOOK)

Los Bros Hernandez

Fantagraphics Books
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