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Another wonderful Wednesday with M.

I had to transport his wife to a car dealership in the morning, and we three had lunch together as well, so I was able to experience a lot more of their relationship dynamic than I ever had. It was eye opening, for sure! The event was certainly a stressful one for both of them - the new car buying, not the lunch lol - and they were very snippy at each other. I told M later that I could not handle a relationship like that between myself and someone else - so totally not my style. It's not that it was terrible or anything, just the way they talked to each other was different than the way I operate and deal with things. He told me that yeah, our relationship is very different.

But yes, good news - I won't have to drive so much anymore, because M will have a car! W00t! It is hard to imagine having a calm Thursday morning, where I don't have to race to get him home so I can be back in time to teach at co-op!

I am still hoping to go to a hotel tomorrow night. We have been talking about it, and right now I am waiting to hear back from M if he got a green light with H. Earlier he texted me that he was just waiting to figure out with her their son's work schedule. I need a rest day, so I hope it does work out. Though, in the morning I have to drive my son to work, take the car for an oil change, teach a 2 hour chem class, AND visit the planetarium with my daughter, before heading over to see M. I am demanding a room with a hot tub. I need it! (I am paying, so this means I will get it. )
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