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Originally Posted by Kraven View Post
Does being in a relationship with her mean that i must over look those particular fantasies in order to continue having a healthy relationship?
Well, unfortunately it may ! You may be forced to make a choice really which is more important in your life. Which is truly more meaningful long term.

That being said - it's unfortunate. It SHOULDN'T be that way. But lots of things shouldn't be the way they are.
In an ideal world sexual differences would be treated no different than differences in food choice. Go get it if you want it.
Just please don't overeat and get sick on my rug

If your relationship is not close/solid enough that you can talk about such things openly and come to some mutually agreeable solution then it seems you have to make a choice.

The only thing I will add is this.

Hot kinky sex is fun at times but it doesn't always live up to the fantasy. It also isn't always something most of us find enjoyable long term. Or at least the drive fades some. It can get worn out & boring like anything else.

A good loving relationship is a rare thing indeed. And that never seems to "wear out".

Food for thought.


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