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Originally Posted by Vicarious View Post
I've never thought of this before! My wife has a small (innocent so far) crush on a male librarian in our town. I've encouraged her to see where it goes, and I've seen him. I'd never have sex with him (I'm not into guys as a general rule), but to me it gives me some comfort. If the first guy she has sex with is gorgeous, it may be harder on my growing self-esteem. But to be repulsed? Hmm. I guess I would focus on the actions and positions they were in, versus other aspects of his physical appearance...And like you have said, focus on your partner's happiness in having this experience.
Oh, that sounds like a good advice. At the very least worth trying. Thanks. Wonder why I never thought of this solution that sound obvious to me now. Although this will only be a solution for my imagination or (big) maybe even watching them doing it (which is unlikely as I think person D does not want that) but I don't see it working for casual kissing, e.g. It will be hard to ignore his face from the picture.
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