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Originally Posted by blueboxbrat View Post
London, to clarify: you avoid friendships with metamours? I don't like to be expected to hang out with metamours, but I personally would prefer to be friendly if not friends with mine. I think it makes communication easier (I'm a fan of talking out problems with the polycule when necessary). To each their own, though. I'm constantly intrigued at how different folks handle this stuff.

Anyone else? What are your post-relationship metamour experiences? I suppose it's unpopular in the poly community at large to not remain friends with former lovers, so I suppose this could be a hard one to talk about.
Most of n's partners are very casual and I have never met them. I prefer it that way. I see no reason to be involved in his relationships and I typically don't bring people I'm seeing into the fold. Of course I haven't gotten serious about anyone else yet so who knows.
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