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Originally Posted by Murasaki View Post
What about other configurations?
There are lots of configurations right? What are the stats for poly as a whole?

How long need a relationship last to be considered successful? Not all relationships last a lifetime, but that does not mean they were unsuccessful for the time they were there.
I find statistics fascinating, too, but they are hard to find (at least anything reliable) when it comes to non-traditional relationships.

We were in an N configuration shortly after we got together (as primaries) - we each had a secondary (another man for her, another woman for me). Her secondary met someone else and got married. My secondary continued for a few years (a V config) and eventually found someone else. We consider the N and V as very successful, as everyone enjoyed it and it ended for good reasons, amicably. I think it helped that our secondaries did not live with us (except for a brief period). We're still good friends many years later.

For several years it was just the two of us. A couple of years ago I found a FWB and we've been a V. My FWB would gladly have a triad (she's bi), but my wife is decidedly straight. We all get along fine and socialize occasionally, but usually I see my secondary separately. I think this is successful as well - we all get what we want from it without any problems so far.
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