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Originally Posted by MrsT View Post
So....has anyone ever experienced this kind of relationship dynamic before, and how did it work out for you?
Hello Tia,

It's nice to meet you. Well yes, it happened by accident to us as well. We were never swingers however, just best friends with another couple. It started one crazy evening last summer.

Since then it has been a roller coaster of exciting, stressful, blissful and challenging experiences... and we love it!

With regards to changes in relationships, it has changed everything. My marriage was very solid before this happened which IMHO is why we were able to get through all the typical jealousy and possessiveness issues at the start. Today my marriage is still solid and has evolved to a much higher level of love and understanding. Communication is the key and the result is my wife and I have become much closer.

So far our quad is going strong, we continue to bust down barriers but there are so few barriers left now. This is where the lines of my marriage become very blurred. For all four of us, we feel that we have 2 primaries. We all love each other very much and it is that love that gets us over the tough times when they happen.

I got on this forum to get perspective. It has helped me a great deal but every poly set up is different. I must admit I have learned more speaking directly to other quad set ups. I have met only a few quads that have similar stories on these forums... they seem rather rare.

Feel free to PM me if you wish to.

Best of luck on your journey.

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