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Thanks evad!

So now we've lived in our new place for about 3 weeks. The first week was pretty much organising everything and in the second week Hank started his course. I previously called it a job here, but it's basically a short but intense course followed by a job if everything goes according to plan. So he's been on the course for a couple of weeks now. It takes up most of his time and when he's not working on the course, he's usually quite tired. So, farewell sex life for the duration of the course. Well, not farewell completely of course, but almost. The first week he was on the course I felt sad most of the days. I felt like I barely saw him even though we live together and I was really craving for sex and wasn't getting it. Now I've already gotten used to it and I'm not expecting anything. I'm just enjoying the time we do get together and waiting for the course to end, hoping for things to return to normal then. It's all about expectations isn't it? So it's all good.

Last weekend we went to a party. I had sex with two new people, one on the night of the party and the other the next day when people were just hanging around in the house after the party. (It's a big house.) Had a good time. I feel like this weird sex drive increase is changing me and how I make decisions. I never used to be a one night stand kinda girl, but apparently I am now, at least if I'm not getting enough sex from partners. I'm not sure if this is a continuing trend, but it feels a bit strange and I don't know what to make of that.
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