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Originally Posted by DevilsChild View Post
Hahahaha London. I think she knows she has insecurities, I mean, my ex has told me straight out that she admits to feeling insecure and threatened.

Kevin, I know right? I get the vibe that she's just jealous of the special connection my ex and I share. I know 100% that he wouldn't break up with any girlfriend just because he couldn't be physically close with one of his ex's. I had a crazy day so I haven't asked him what he thinks yet, will keep you posted.

In other news, doc says everything is normal. Thank-you universe!
Yeah...she's trying to control HER reality through limiting YOUR actions. That's not cool. If your EX doesn't like her freaking out about the contact then it's between you and him that said contact stops. If SHE was your friend then I'd say it was a different story. But until your EX says to lay off, I would just rock you are. You sound like a very self-expressed individual...playing Pinnocchio to her Gepetto will only lead to more. News flash! She's not going to like you no matter why harsh your mellow over it?

Glad the tests have given you a new lease! Use it wisely young Padawan! :-*
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