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Lightbulb You guys have me thinking

I should soo be sleeping right now, but I saw "throuple" and had to read this thread, now I have unanswered questions.

Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
When I ran a poll on here out of 65 participants only 9 were of a triad like arrangement..
. . .
Almost half were a V or similar arrangement.
Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
At least not on those terms that have become stereotyped - the man, woman, and the hot bi babe at their beck and call, and not allowed to be with anyone else. I think there might be a few really successful triads where one or more of the members has relationships with people outside that triad, for example.

I like statistics.
Does anyone have the stats for V’s? success versus ending within say a year?
Oh and what Nycindie said, what is the success rate for people who “stumble” into a triad situation versus the previously described stereotype?

What about other configurations?
There are lots of configurations right? What are the stats for poly as a whole?

I wonder if there’s an article out there somewhere that explores this.
Gonna wander off to scour the interwebs for more info. Interesting thought.

How long need a relationship last to be considered successful? Not all relationships last a lifetime, but that does not mean they were unsuccessful for the time they were there. Research time!!

Does anyone already have any other references on this?

If I find any answers I'll share.
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