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Default My road to child free

Nadya I cannot speak to your "choice" to never have been born yet I can follow it through logically to your struggling over bringing another life into this world without its consent.

Philosophically I think it makes a great argument to debate. Lots of wonderful theoretical and transcendental material there...but really it's simpler than that. We're biological beings and the very definition of life is the ability to procreate. End game.

Really the choice to have a child is (as you know) all about YOU. As it should be. I have 40 year long road that led my wife and I to choose a child free life. Partly because we tried and failed but mostly because we never really wanted to have kids...SO THANK GOD WE FAILED! As hard as that was to go through 4 times, it was 4 times a blessing.

We love our lives child free. At some point choosing to be child free is much like choosing poly.

Check out this likely see some like minds and very similar trains of thoughts as in the poly community...
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