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Kevin T., I am grateful for the reply but I think after the beginning of your post you completely missed the point of my post.~

My words were in reference to NOT letting others express themselves, to force others to dress a certain way while exempting others for no logical reason, and to instill in us from birth these false ideals of 'shame' 'self-hatred' and 'inherent wrongness' for simply existing as we were born if we so choose.~

How can a culture that makes every thing, whether it is has any thing to do with reproducing or not, 'sexual' only 'half-embraces it' and 'half-suppresses, condemns, and vilifies it' possibly function on a social level?~

How can two men openly walk down the street in America while holding hands and kissing and yet a man who decides it is too hot to wear clothes is still vilified?~

You would think the more 'truly advanced' a people or society is the less unhealthy illogical problems they would have, but it seems just the opposite at times.~


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