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In my last post, I left out the part about my great-grandmother who was of the first generation of my Caribbean line born in NYC - her father was from Denmark, her mother a mulatto descendant of slaves from St. Croix. I've written about her here before, because she was poly in her later years (during the 1960s). We just always were told the other man who lived with her and her second husband was a boarder. Once I became a grown-up, one of my grandmother's cousins shared the truth with me -- he was her boyfriend. It was all so natural and accepted, and the only reason I didn't know back then was because I was too young. But anyway, I had left out that part about my West Indian ggm* being poly, and some of my research leads me to believe she and my ggf, her 1st husband, were also poly, probably in the 1920s. Of course, they never knew that word!

*ggm = great-grandmother
ggf = great-grandfather
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