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ahhh, my first car... I loved that thing. *sigh* I love the car I have now, as it is more reliable and fuel efficient and not about to fall apart if I drive over 80kms/hr (what ever that is for all you Americans!)... but I still have a soft spot for that old car.

yes I see the point.

I find it interesting about myself that I am not a "new things" hog. I don't go and buy expensive stuff to get that new feeling and think carefully and shop around if I do need something. I have never gone out and bought anything frivolous and out of want rather than need. Well, except that video camera years ago. I bought it with my student loan money. Still, it was a need to take a record of my 20's and I have all those videos that remind me of that time... I guess that is not frivolous...

anyway, that was a good analogy as it makes me realize something about myself and my relationships... I look for quality and am disappointed sometimes when it isn't there... I assume others do too and get frustrated when they just settle for cheapness in their relationships... as far as I'm concern we should all be going for gold when it comes to what we need in life.... hopefully the NRE will last and sustain for a long time that way.
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