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Apparently the living 30there minute away parameter might be too much to ask for. Ah I love the beauty of North Idaho yet society here is still a bit of ten years ago. Funny I kinda felt trying to meet anyone possibly interested in meeting as a long term possibility and then viola...a poly guy contacts me on Okc. We had already emailed each other last month about forming a subgroup for the meetup group since 90%you of members are not here. Well after a few emails I haven't heard back from him. In one of his emails it sounded like he & his wife had been looking for their unicorn. Guess since that is not going to be ceased.

But my funny is once I decided in my mind to stop looking I get contacted. Not one but two. This is why the no 30 minute away parameter isn't going to work. I've continued online conversation with one of them. Definitely there's mutual attraction. He's accepting of polyamory and that I'm happily married yet looking for another. He passed my other parameter tests & we have our first date Saturday.

I did end it with PR officially last week. We agreed to stay friends but I doubt DH & I will hear from him again. That's ok. My feelings for PR led DH & I to polyamory. Who knows how long it would've taken us to figure it out, maybe months or even years.

Speaking of DH, he is so supportive of me & my new connection, enjoying my new bliss that benefits him too. And he starts a new job tomorrow & this means no more opposite schedules. This is good for him, the kids & I, having a bit of a "normal" work schedule.

Night time to bed.
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