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I did take it down. Since I do want to repair her and mine friendship and she was somewhat distraught over the idea of people she knows knowing her life via the internet. I felt that leaving it up would be more detrimental. I didn't delete it, just made it visible only to myself.

Since posting the note (and learning from Lamian what I did) I'm starting to realize that while I still (and probably always will) love Seven he's not healthy for me at the moment and my not ever be.

He treated Lamian like shit in regards to his and mine relationship and put me in the position of an accomplice even though I didn't know it. I wouldn't be surprised, upset, or blame Lamian if she would never be okay with him and I being together again.

Do I still wish for it? At the moment yes. While my mind and heart are starting to come to terms there is a large part of me that can ignore all of that (but even those parts have it as a hard limit that any restart would have to be completely different).

There's still discussion since he didn't get the job and isn't moving of the three of us having a round table discussion. But my mindset of what I'd be coming in with is different than it was a week ago.
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