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Default Accidental Polyamory....

So as the title suggests my husband and I have found ourselves in a polyamorous situation quite accidentally.

I have always had an interest and intrigue in polyamory (but nothing more than thoughts/interest really), he's always has had an interest in swinging with the desire to see me pleasured by somebody else rather than the appeal of having meaningless sex with women.

Anyway, we began swinging and we met this couple. I instantly clicked with him and DH instantly clicked with her, I have also clicked with her very deeply on a friendship level. Things have progressed quite a lot since we first began talking. She recently expressed love for my husband and he now feels the same. I also feel that myself and the man in this couple have a very deep connection and if it's not love it's something very very close. Unfortunately it is long distance, but in some ways it might be a good thing as it has allowed us to maintain some self control.

Because this is new territory for us all we are kind of just making it up as we go along and doing whatever feels right. We have a lot of communication between all four of us.

So....has anyone ever experienced this kind of relationship dynamic before, and how did it work out for you?

Also, my biggest concern is that in our ignorance for this situation we could do something to risk our 4 way connection or even do something to harm our marriages. What is your advice for newbies? What resources/readings have you found helpful in your journey etc...?

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