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Hi RP,
Glad to hear from you and to learn that you are much happier now. You didn't mention PN. Are you strictly platonic with him now? How is he doing? And LB? Are you all still living together? And Mono is in his apartment downstairs in your house? Or have you moved in with him in his room? Just curious about how you're making it all work for everyone, and if PN is still... there and supportive of you and Mono. Does he have any other relationships?

Also, I actually didn't know you weren't modding anymore until fairly recently. There was no announcement. You had said you weren't going to post much anymore so you could focus on your life. That sounded like you didn't want to be in contact with members of this board too much. I happened to come across a post of yours and noticed that it said Senior Member under your name. I figured you were sort of on a leave of absence from here and doing your thing, didn't think to reach out - sorry about that. And sometimes I've been so busy that all I can do here is login and zap some spam, post here and there, and go.

Wishing you well!
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