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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Hope you're feeling better soon. Do keep us posted on how it all goes with Kuroi and this woman he's dating.
Well, I got a lot of sleep today (after work), and I'm about to go back to bed.
Unfortunately Kuroi basically got stood up. Sadness.

It's strange actually. Kuroi invited someone for a midday walk and art stuff. They agreed and gave thier phone number (Kuroi didn't get the chance to ask). So they traded phone numbers. Kuroi sends a message, and gets no response. Goes back the next evening knowing they would be there, and gets ignored mostly. When Kuroi goes to cash out this person asks what Kuroi has been drawing that evening, admits they got the text, and again agrees to meet the next day.

That afternoon no response to any message. Kuroi attempted to find out where they would prefer to meet, or what time. Last message sent was that Kuroi would be out in that area doing art, and to message if they couldn't make it.

This is the day after, and still no response.
Maybe they got cold feet, and chickened out. No matter how you look at it its mixed messages/signals. I feel bad for Kuroi, but I'm also glad that I don't have to deal with NRE stuff from Kuroi while we are still working on us.

Kuroi and I need to talk about this more, and figure out if it's really such a good idea to be meeting up looking for another partner. I'm not even certain that Kuroi is done with my ex.

Kuroi has been feeling rather sad and embarrassed I think. If I weren't so ill I could be a better distraction. As it stands we went out to do some geocaching today. Walked to one close to home, then took Momoiroi out with us and looked for a couple more. It was fun, and a good distraction> Even better it was also good bonding family time. We need more of that.

Kuroi needs to repair relationships with me and with Momoiroi. So this was a good day in that regard Unfortunately I wasn't up for more than the hour we were out. And really that was too much with how I'm feeling. Getting out in the sun when you are ill (and it's not overly cold) is healthy, but also very draining.

So I'm off to bed. Maybe tomorrow I can concentrate and share some of the posts I was working on. I'll have to reread them since I was angry when I started on one of them >.>
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