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ok, for the record, throuple is fucking hilarious and i def choose it over triad. Though Triad sounds like a really cool gang. It is a gang isnt it?
Thanks for the heads up on the more common term, would make sense as to why I couldn't find much.

Magdlyn, that description sounds incredibly depressing but yes she has absolute agency to do what she wants and date whoever she feels. That is the point of polyamory right?
She lives close, has her own transport, we all live in different houses. We're not out yet but that is because it is still very new, but we are lucky to live in a commmunity where some friends are poly and no one bats an eye, though I think we are the first potential THROUPLE. She already comes out with us and has made mutual friends so there isn't any of that unhealthy type behaviour that was mentioned.

It is still new so I am hesitant to make any presumptions, but I could assume that the situation would be: me and him / her and him / me and her / all of us together! ....this is me on a happy high and not taking everything into consideration which is why I have turned to you all:

would love to heart some success stories, advice, experiences..
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