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Default love trumps paperwork

Sisterinlove and I have been married for 2+ years and we have recently created a trio. my new girlfriend is still absorbing the whole poly idea and concept so we are taking things slowly - she has expressed that her idea of a future with me included being married - this brought pause for only a few moments before my wife offered the proposal that if it is that important to her, and that kind of security is what she needed then she would be willing to dissolve the "paper" and even be willing to perform a wedding ceremony for us. Obviously this is something she had considered prior to the conversation and something only she could offer. She and I realize that we are going to be together and love each other no matter what and we are willing to do what is needed to bring security and comfort to my girlfriend. Don't go ringing wedding bells just yet lol - as I said we are taking things slowly and if/when we reach that place we'll make an announcement.

either way - use the system to your best advantage either financially or personally, prior to the discussion we had discussed a handfasting ceremony - celtic wedding tradition - to seal a "marriage" bond that while not recognised by the government would mean the same to our hearts as a symbol of our love. My advise.... don't let ink, paper and beauraracy be a barrier in any measure.
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