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Thank you for all the responses. Special thanks to YouAreHere for describing the way you think and feel about life and kids. If that is what you really think, then of course you should have children! Reading your response brought up a memory of a person who had similar view of life. These things are not something that will be talked about in an normal everyday chit-chat, so I actually do not know how most people feel about their lives and to which believes they build on.

But, I have had this one discussion in my life with a person who had very similar views than YouAreHere. They were overwhelmingly happy and thrilled about the opportunities of life, and it made me realize for the first time ever that not everybody thinks that life is crap. That maybe life for someone really is a gift. This was a concept I always struggled with - that life is a gift, because to me life always was a curse. This one discussion started a huge process within myself, resulting in better health and happiness. Letís hope this online one will have similar effects

After reading all the other responses as well I have figured out the following:
1) I need a thorough re-assessment of my core values and beliefs. Is life really just crap? Do I still believe that not existing would have been better? Or has the recently experienced happiness changed my views and to what extent?
2) I have to give myself all the time needed for the re-assessment and put the thought of babies aside for that time.
3) I have to keep my partners informed about this process.

If anyone else wishes to share their thoughts and experiences about why they have chosen to have kids and why not, I would greatly appreciate that.
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