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She is the new to me Amanda. This thing she has know about for years and has kept hidden from me is what make her new. I have learned so much from her in the last 2 months and it has been amazing. Do I wish she would have told me sooner well yes. She has open my eyes up to a whole new world.
The rules are just a starting point until I become more comfortable. I only have one rule that I am not going to budge on for a long time. Most of the rules are about the family she has now being more important than anything. I want her to go into this and have a good time. I want her to explore this new life. I want to be able to explore things also.
You have got to understand I have came along way with this in just 2 months. It started out that she chose to marry a man, she should live with her choice. Then as I thought about this more I thought about her happiness. I thought about the advantages for me. How many people get this opportunity to live in a loving marriage and still get to seek an outside partner? Now things will be different for me. I don't need someone to talk with, too share my feelings with. That's why I have a wife. I don't really need a connection outside of my marriage. My side will probably more of a sexual thing. She needs a friend that she can occasionally have sexual contact with.
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