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Default concerns

Its mike again. Yes I have some issues that will take time to straighten out. When we decided to do this I did some research and there were people that said to do a contract and have a specific set of rules. Well since I am the one stepping out of my comfort zone I decided I should be the one writing the rules and making the contract. I thought about what she needs to make her happy and keep me happy. I based the rules off of this and told her we would start this when we both agreed to abide by the contract and rules. As soon as she read the contract she started pushing for more.
The possibility of her falling in love with the other woman and out of love with me is another issue. She says that she will not let this happen but she does not know. We have some very specific stuff in the contract that addresses this.
We have a cooling off period of about 14 months before anything happens to get more knowledge and to build everything we have. Once all of our goals are met then we start this new life as partners.
I love Amanda with all my heart and trust the woman I thought I married. This new Amanda is the person I have to get to know.
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