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I haven't read this one, but I did read a short story (I'm sure I have the anthology it was in somewhere in my basement) that this reminded me of. In this speculative fiction peice there were three scientists, two female one male. The man and one of the women were married and she was also pregnant, the second woman identified as lesbian and was very good friends with both husband and wife. The sci-fi part is that they were working on part of the genome and discovered that there may have been three genders, not just two. This third gender was typically non-breeding and more of a care-giver role but was just as much a part of the family dynamic as the mated couple. So of course, the second female takes the infection that would re-start that gene...and I'm not telling anymore.

As for your story, I agree a chip would be nice, but the neutering 50% DNA shared relations just because one person was a violent offender...that is a bit much. Otherwise it does sound like an intriguing story.
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