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Originally Posted by budKEP View Post
Where I feel the burden here is "idle minds". I find that I very much do just want to sit around thinking of bubby, where as there is nothing I would change about the thinking side its the placement my energy created by where my thoughts go. Sitting not the best idea for a person with metabolism of a humming bird. And the strength to focus it constructively and apply these methods is my curiosity. Am I the only one who when thinks of the other, can dodge bullets because of the increase in heart rate?
I can totally understand this feeling. There are days when I can go without thinking about Elric and all is well. Then I have days (or usually nights while trying to fall asleep) where he is my "pink elephant". Depending on my hormones (being pregnant), my mood during the day, and when the last time I talked to him was (and how it went) I might be happy and content with our current friendship relationship or I might break down in tears, either way my brain sometimes doesn't know when to stop beating this poor dead horse.

What to do about "idle minds"? My husband Cajun has an effective way for himself (which unfortunately does not work for me) when his brain goes into overdrive. He builds cars. Designs their engines, fuel injection, whatever parts he can come up with and believe me he can come up with amazing ideas. Now if you are not into cars, find something you do like, buildings, stories, music, anything that you can picture in your mind, break down and build up from square one. See if that helps, it's at least worth a shot.

Now if you want to use this "bubby" energy for something, do it. Walk, run, ride, create if you are of an artistic bent, write, whatever you can think of that will give you some sense of satisfaction or as I would say, a sense of accomplishment.

Although, in my mind, a person with the metabolism of a hummingbird would have a rather high metabolism and sitting around wouldn't be the problem unless you mean you have the energy and hyperness of that hummingbird as well. I only wish that were my problem.
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