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Good to hear from you again, RP. So glad that life is more peaceful for you once again.

Thanks for that blog. Excellent writing. I have a few people that I will share it with.

I started reading this forum a bit over 3 years ago because I started seeing my SO who told me that he was poly, had been for years and even though he had been single for a while, he hadn't considered that he would ever again be in a mono relationship. I started reading then to try and help myself understand what he was talking about and to see what my levels of comfort were. Your blog was one of the first I read and I found it incredibly helpful.

I found help in being able to explain to my SO why I wasn't comfortable being poly and help in explaining to him that I have no interest in controlling him and that he is free at any time to explore multiple relationships again. I have no desire to be part of that just now but would have every desire to remain his friend.

More help in understanding that my feelings and desires may change. In time it may be me suggesting we open our relationship more or change it in other ways. Your blog helped with understanding the possibilities in doing so.

Thanks for writing it and good to hear from you again.

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