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Default The other half

Hi. I have been reading all of your insightful and helpful comments. I figured it was time to join the conversation. I am Mrs. Nostorinogt. Mike has given you some of the background and chain of events that have shaped the last month of our lives. I have been bisexual since I was a teenager. Whether or not my abusive childhood had any bearing on my sexual preferences I do not know. When I met Mike, I knew he was special. I thought I could put myself in a hetero box. I had wishfully thought my attraction to women was a phase. Over the span of our 8 wonderful years together, it has become increasingly evident that it was not a phase. The desires to embrace the bisexual me once more had become so strong that I had to come out to Mike. I did not get the reaction I had hoped for, however he loves me deeply and is willing to step out of his comfort zone. He is very keen on the idea of a triad, and I am more of a one on one type of person. My desire is not just sexual as he has mentioned. I want a woman who can offer friendship first, and a woman who is married with kids. My family is my top priority. Because of this, I want a like minded woman who understands and has the same priorities. Any other pairing could have undesired results. I want a friend w benefits to bond with the way only women can. My husband wants a triad. I still hold our marriage as a union between us. Finding a woman that fits both our requirements and will be happy with the arrangement is going to be close to impossible. There are too many variables. In my scenario my married life would not h change and we could both have play time. I have no jealousy. It's not in my nature. We are both here of our own will because we chose each other. He lives in a black and white traditional world, and I live in the gray. There are different types of love, and sex is a seperate entity. I have no problem differentiating between the two. He seems to think I will. I had no problem differentiating between them with woman I was with no one even suspected we were FWB's. I just don't know what else I can say to assure Mike that I will not do anything to jeopardize our marriage if he will just trust me and my love for him.
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