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I think a great part of it is level of risk.

We talked about this A LOT when my friend committed suicide.
She was:
female (a minority)
black (a minority)
gay (a minority)
had mental health issues (a minority with a HUGE stigma attached)

It was discussed that with each additional minority status, the risks increase for any given person. The amount of mistreatment increases, the ostracization (spelling?) increases etc.

For many minorities, black, latino, oriental, etc in the US; the risk of being openly poly is too high. Especially so because they are already struggling with low income issues too.

What a person is willing to do and what they are willing to do when it risks the safety and security of their family is very different. ESPECIALLY when that risk is already in their face.

In my social psych class this semester we were discussing the fact that someone with a minority status of any kind is always conscious of that. So for example, men aren't conscious of the risk of being raped whenever they walk down the street, but women are. For many racial minorities, the risk of ostracism, fired, mistreated etc for doing ANYTHING "out of line" with the norm is TOO GREAT to risk.
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