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unless you inside knowledge or read a more in depth interview with the parents there no way of knowing which came first or how this unfolded or who was the pedophile and who was the slave acting under the fear of punishment.
The guy was locked up. She took her son there, of her own free will, to be abused by someone who would have otherwise had no access to them. On a wider note, research into female paedophiles shows that the minority of convicted offenders acted out of fear - more carried out the abuse to keep their romantic relationship with the abuser (turned a blind eye) or for their own sexual gratification.

I did say in the previous post that I agreed that BDSM is not a cause of child abuse. Go back and check.

How do you know how or why they got into BDSM? It might have started years before they had the kid ? ?? They didnt accidentally abuse their kid...they planned it . And according to the article it was more than once .
It is irrelevant when they got into BDSM because child abuse has no place in BDSM. They were not practicing BDSM when they abused that child because BDSM involves consent, like polyamory does. A child of that age cannot consent to sexual activity. Again, it was two paedophiles expressing their pathological fetishes. That's it.
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