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Originally Posted by mianej View Post
But won't it hurt our boyfriend when she and I don't communicate directly?

Thanks for clarifying that the problems are internal vs external. That helps clarify things.

It's hard to tell how to comment on your last 2 posts. It's nothing to do with language, but because it's a lot of vague generalities and little detail.

But having him stuck in the "middle" will get REAL old, REAL fast.

You don't mention what this issue between you two is ?
Jealousy ?
Personality/lifestyle conflict ?

We don't always "click" with every other person on earth. That's ok. And maybe you two just won't click.

But if your BF wants to have both of you in his life then you two will at minimum have to adopt a reasonable level of respect for each other. If you can't do that it's likely he will soon get fed up with drama and emotional immaturity and leave you both crying in the park.

Two mature adults SHOULD be able to agree they both enjoy the same restaurant but out of respect won't show up there together at the same time - OR try to influence the cook to change the menu more to their liking.

Lacking more details that's all that comes to mind........

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