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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Do partners really want to be part of beating and raping the adult that boy will become and calling it 'therapy' for him? How do they feel about bdsm as therapy when they see the whole of a person's life, from the time he was a child being raped? Does it still seem like a good idea to rape and beat him as an adult?
If BDSM of any kinds is the choice of any adult, no matter their background, --their choice, idea, and turn on, it is consensual, and practiced in a safe sane way-- I don't have a problem with it. It's a form of role playing. It's not "real" rape. Or kidnapping, or interrogation, or nurse/patient, or boss/secretary or age play or whatever! It's a game, it's fun, it feels good, it can be empowering and very loving. Sorry you just can't wrap your mind around that.

I think a person consciously selecting BDSM as some sort of self therapy has a fool for a patient.
You're entitled to your opinion. But again, why feel compelled to come here and bash it to people who practice it? Are you calling us all fools? Or are we only fools if we receive therapeutic benefit, but non-fools if we do it just for fun?

Bash ?...I asked a question ....... I disagree with treating a rape victim with a violent gang rape .
Again, if you can't see the difference between real rape and playtime rape fantasies or any other role playing game, I can't help you.

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You don't come across that way. At all.
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