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Originally Posted by Maleficent View Post
Firstly, knowing you're not cut out for parenthood is a good thing to acknowledge. Too many people don't think it out and the kids suffer. If you aren't sure then don't.
Wise words. I thought I was ready, but no. And it definitely is not a good idea to get pregnant if the mere thought of that makes you panic.

Originally Posted by Maleficent View Post
My husband and I have three kids. My wife has four from her first marriage. We all work our asses off to make sure their needs are being met. It is unbelievably hard but we wouldn't change a thing. Love those kids. Love my life.
Well... I used to be a stepmother in the past, for kids with a single dad. Me and him worked our asses off to meet their needs - and it felt right and meaningful. The most difficult thing in my break-up with their father was the fact that I was not there every day with the kids anymore, that I did not know what they were wearing for school, what they ate for lunch and when they went to bed at night.

The point is - I am quite sure that I do have the parenting skills needed. So are people around me, including both my partners.

The problem is in the choice of a new life. I am fine with all people already existing here - it makes sense to try and make their lives the best possible. Also, I am sure I would love my child and take good care of them. But living with the thought that I am responsible for this new life - I do not think I could handle that. How do other people do that? Why is it that this seems to be no problem to anyone else?
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