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My motivation. Ever read something and it made you wonder. After reading the article it Made me think how did the parents got involved in master/slave relationship? The irony if they were executing some sort of self therapy from past abuse . Ive heard that it is cyclical. So in 15 yrs we might be looking at therapy from the therapy. And what roll do you think will be more therapeutic ? Tied down and blindfolded...or the Master ?
Wait, wait, wait, abusing your kid isn't BDSM. Ever. So these people weren't using BDSM as therapy and then accidentally abused their kid during one of their sessions.
I did say in the previous post that I agreed that BDSM is not a cause of child abuse. Go back and check.

How do you know how or why they got into BDSM? It might have started years before they had the kid ? ?? They didnt accidentally abuse their kid...they planned it . And according to the article it was more than once .

Coming back to "The question" and current topic was: will the kid grow up to practice BDSM as therapy?
A boy raped by parents, grows up to want to be beaten and raped. Is that really good? Do partners really want to be part of beating and raping the adult that boy will become and calling it 'therapy' for him? How do they feel about bdsm as therapy when they see the whole of a person's life, from the time he was a child being raped? Does it still seem like a good idea to rape and beat him as an adult?

According to CG the list of banned topic on fetlife are ; "Scat is now against the TOU of Fet (used to not be so there are older mentions in places). Basically scat, bestiality, incest, and anything underage is not allowed on Fet."
Why is that ?

And isn't everyones kink individual to them ?

These were two paedophiles (Yes, women can be paedophiles! Imagine that!) who were abusing a child. Yes, they may have got off on the fact that he was "ordering" her to do it, and that she, as his submissive, was willing to do anything for him, but ultimately to carry something like that out, especially when the person is locked up and you don't have to engage with them at all, she must have been into it too. This wasn't kink gone wrong, this was two paedophiles exercising their pathological fetishes.
and again.... unless you inside knowledge or read a more in depth interview with the parents there no way of knowing which came first or how this unfolded or who was the pedophile and who was the slave acting under the fear of punishment.
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Thank you for your kind critique ....and insulting attack. Aren't there rules on attacking members ?
OK. I didn't attack you. I commented on the flavor of your posts, not your character. I overstated by saying "all his posts," and I am sorry. I'd amend that to say "many" or "most."
"He's bitter, still! " ...sounds like character ...

And your point was to dismiss ?

I think a person consciously selecting BDSM as some sort of self therapy has a fool for a patient. Walk into a rape crisis center and float that idea .... "show of hands who thinks a violent gang rape this is a good idea.....(simulated consensual gang rape )....anyone ...anyone "

To each their own indeed. You're vanilla, you got weirded out and hurt by the repurcussions of your wife's BDSM, so you come here to this thread with practitioners of BDSM to bash it and express your views. I guess you find this... therapeutic? Are you two still married? Have you had much talking therapy to heal from this?
You don't know what I am. Vanilla or otherwise . Nice little summary ......a little simple ...again your point ? to be dismissive or switch the focus onto me and my past...or both.

Bash ?...I asked a question ....... I disagree with treating a rape victim with a violent gang rape .

What was so offensive in the view I expressed ? It's very simliar to opal's

Yes I'm completely healed ... ...don't need to post on this thread as therapy .... but thanks for asking.
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