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Default Tread Lightly!

It didn't take long, once Giggles stepped out of the picture, for our friends to come forward with their dislike of her. I guess she had a way of making people around us uncomfortable, not so much with us having a girlfriend, but with the way she would constantly pull us away from everyone. I didn't see it, I still don't know if I see it. To me it is just how things go when you're with someone new and you only get so much time with them, you want to let them have your time. Regardless, water under the bridge right?

It was probably about a month after Giggles left that Pumkin kissed me. I was pretty drunk so I'm a little fuzzy on the details. She had made a few sexual comments towards me in the past but I had always taken them has "ha ha" funny. Nails had been telling me for a while that Pumkin wasn't kidding even when we were with Giggles but I just thought he was reading into things. I guess he was right.

She's one of my closest friends and I adore her but I have to be very very careful with her. Punkin is a VERY jealous person. I'm honest with her, like she knows that I will always be open to other relationships and that she will not be my only girlfriend. We have been taking things very very slow and are more friends then anything. I had a long talk with her boyfriend, John5 about how ok he was with it and I got the green light to move in whatever direction we wanted. I think slow and steady is the best route, my friendship with her has to come first. Things could get too messy for too many people if it didn't. John5 and Nails are really good friends not to mention the three of them, Nails, John5, and Pumkin, all work together. Yeah, exactly!
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