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Originally Posted by LemonCakeIsALie33 View Post
I don't think it has to be a binary thing. We're quite focused on each other, and there are one or two people I want to sleep with, so it's not like he's alone. (These people are friends, not just bodies.)
OK, so whats the problem again? You're in love with each other and have frequent sex, but you're both also horny enough and inexperienced enough, you want to explore a few more friends' bodies.

All that said, thank you for bringing up these points! I value your perspective and agree with it in many ways. (Our sex drive is similar, though, so I have to disagree with your gendered discussion! )
The thing about masturbation? It's based on a poll I started here about "is masturbation sex?" I was shocked to see how many men didn't think masturbation was actually sex.

As far as having a high sex drive goes, I am aware women's libidos can be as high as men. On average, they aren't. But I'm in the super horny category and I am 58, so take that, Miley Cyrus!
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