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Originally Posted by Arisu View Post
Sorry! I am female. I have tried giving them some specific needs and been shot down, which has been very frustrating. it's strange feeling like the odd one out after four years, but I'm sure I will find a way to figure it all out on my own...
Perhaps then you could ask them: you state you are willing to help me work through my issues, but have not been willing to do the things I have suggested. What are you willing to do?

And I am sorry, having this thing decided for you was pretty shitty. That no doubt is adding to the issue. Takes away any feeling of control. That said, people fall for others besides their main squeeze all of the time, and many of them just take the default societal action and leave. I have to give credit to R for realizing that action was not necessary. It may also show how much she trusts you to bring this to you.
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