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Default Moving from a primary to a nonprimary relationship


I was wondering if anyone could weigh in with experience or insight into transitioning relationships from primary to non-primary status. My husband - following a recent meltdown/breakthrough - has realized that he does not want a committed, financially entangled, children-having relationship. I am looking for a primary relationship with all of those components. We care deeply about each other and enjoy being together, and I'm trying to think about what it would mean to give our six-year primary relationship a different framework.

We've been open for a year and a half - all sort of new, but so far a great development in our relationship. Has anyone out there been through something similar or watched something similar go down? The idea of changing the relationship this fundamentally is sad and frightening, but I'm hoping that thinking openly about the options means that it's not either married or nothing. Any help very appreciated!
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