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You need to update too, Ali!

Well, today is the 2 month marker for M and I. He is sick, but feeling better today, and hopefully we will be spending the day together tomorrow. The night too. He and his wife are buying a working car tomorrow - when I pick him up, I will be transporting her to the dealership.

This weekend I am hoping for us to get a hotel room either Friday or Saturday night, but our finances are all wonky because of the government shutdown. My husband is still getting a paycheck, but we get cash from the Feds in the middle of the month for other reasons, and there's a possibility it won't show. So, things are up in the air about our weekend. I hope M is feeling better by then and the money shows up like it is supposed to do! I want a hot tub suite!

There is a poly meetup in DC at the end of the month that I wanted to go to, but again, finances might stop that from happening. I have only marked it in my mind, but when I see M and H tomorrow, I am going to mention it. I think it would be fun to attend with H.
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