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Default What he asked me to put at the end

"This reads like a very accurate description of what how our relationship developed, what it was, and how it has waned. I fully admit to failing to communicate when it was absolutely necessary. I never wanted to hurt anyone. I never thought of you as a toy. I've always wanted a harmony between you, Lamian, and Peaseblossum when she was involved in my life. I admit to degrees of selfishness, lies of omission - not to benefit or hide, but from uncertainty of how to communicate and fear of harming those I cared about. I made mistakes by acting before taking the feelings of those I love into consideration. I'm not perfect. I acted on impulse, then knew I had to discuss what I had done, and where my relationship was going, but put it off out of fear i suppose. Fear of hurting someone I cared about. I've tried, and I've broken hearts, mine own included by my mistakes. I've tried my very best to be a good person. I'm sorry. I feel guilt, shame, and failure...I'm sorry."
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