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Default fourth chapter

this last visit was around 2 weeks afore x-mas (to keep the timeline built). now thru all of this bubby and fiancee are still working on them, every day it seems there is a new focus of attention. thru all of that my episodes last a few days for pretty much all of them. the hard part is that is not the case for bubby and fiancees focus's. aside from my episodes the relationship between me and bubby can only be described as devinely molded by the gods cause it is so perfect, warm and absolutely intensely emotionally gratifying.

fiancee and I are doing very well communicating. as only to boyishly tendencied men can lol, we share grunts and brief updates (im feeling more of the family than i have ever before) =). when i get a call or message from fianceee asking if the 23rd is good for me? hmm? for me and bubby alone and over night. OMG, im a moron. i say id rather do a family day again instead, for though we talk more there is still a gap and i feel the outsider.

were you keeping count, thats two dates declined.

a few days slyde, things are good. as always im fiendishly missing bubby in everyway. when she asks why i keep refuseing the date offers. i give her the reason. she begins to tell me of the feeling of rejection she is getting from it and that maybe i should reconsider. yea, my phone can simultaniously call two people at the same time cause im pretty sure she didnt finish that sentence and the date was set =P. there were questions about why i changed my mind from fiancee. and the answer was easy, cause i get to be a little greedy lol.

the weekend before the over night date,i have plans to visit the whole family out of state. this was a perfect thing, cause rarely are all the women of my familly in one city much less state at the same time. so nows the time for me to clarify to all them the dynamics of the relationship between bubby and i in person (if i do it over the phone it makes them think they can call lol did i tell you their outspoken yet?lol). the moms i just threw it at them. biological mommy rode with me there (6hours drive) so we covered every angle. terrible time for Ma to start picking up religion (recently re-aquainting herself with Jehovas witnesses)lol.

all the males in my family have the exact same mindset on this topic from the begining, "eh? really? you sure? ok. i support ya =)". the one thing in comon with all the females in my family, cept my little sister(though she may just not mentioned it) is that they all tell me how they have been in multiple relationships at the same time and how it will never work, etc etc. both Ma's were in open dating, dating relations. and eldest sister was actually a secondary in a V (where the wife was never ok with the idea). so, unfortunately for me the loudest female in my family is the one with the closest connection to what im trying to achieve with bubby. and she was in a deffinite fail scenario if the primaries could reconcile their differences.

thankfully i saved the telling her about us like 5 min. before i left (actually asked everyone to keep it from her hahah im a terrible brother). i didnt know she was in a V until she called me on my drive home with Ma and baby bubby. and because of my baby we had to(thankfully) keep the conver. short and inocent lol. now to get home asap couse i have a sweet date to get ready for next week.

first date, we have planned a whole day of activities. anything to keep us busy and comfortable. the boundaries are almost on in full we get hand holding and general hugs. but, who cares my bubby is here where i can look at her and not a pic thats a background on my cell. here where i can talk to and not get a cramp in my arm hold a phone lol. we did a typical romantics first date. the breakfast, lunch and dinner. i cooked the first two and we went out for the third. watched Avatar in the theatre (i may have cried a little but theres no proof). and went to the pub for pool with my brother (that lives here) so they could meet properly. they are both (the best cooks in the world) food enthusiast, and get kicks out of ripping on eachothers regional dishes. which i enjoy =) they both are a trip when their emotions are riled =P.

the next morning she heads back home with both of us walking in the clouds from a most enjoyable visit (a little underestimation lol). and with a date set for the next weekend if i remember correctly for a family day down at their residence. =) bubby overload here i come. me and baby bubby make the drive down and once again these angels are BFFs like they've known each other forever , cuteness was pileing on the floors there was so much. this visit litteraly signified the most relaxed the three of us have ever been together. its getting easier with every time. boys still grunt, bubby is skipping around like a school girl ; ).

this visit nearly almost went into an overnight over there lol. we left many hours after night fall. mostly cause the baby bubbies ,arm in arm, ran everywhere hiding to stay together longer. oh yea bubby melted in the middle of the day, visibly so, when she got to stretch out on the couch head in fiancees lap and feet pressed against me.

i called this the hard times cause though my relations with bubby are flawless atm, hers and his is shakey and we all feel the strain of it. and i am leaving the details of their troubles out for respect of their business. it was a fierce month for them. and they pulled thru it, so heres to the success of working as a team. and this is the month of Jan. only one more month to go.

this is good spot for break =)

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