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What's wrong with these messages?

"FWB Hun?"

"Tonight I have finally worked up the courage to say hello to you!"

"Wow we have alot in common my name is ___ Lets exchange info meet for coffee talk first of course."

And here's something not to do: put almost no information on your profile so that you are only a 30% match even with people you might be compatible with if you had answered more questions. Such a gentleman messaged me; I replied to say it doesn't look like we have much in common; he responded with, "Well I don't put much on my profile so that we will have something to talk about!"

Seriously, dude, does that ever work? The one benefit of online dating is that it saves time & trouble because you can find and/or eliminate people based on their profiles. If your profile says almost nothing...why would that make me want to talk to you?

I guess that works in the mind of a guy who searches for hot pictures and doesn't bother reading the profiles?
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