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Default lost sight of us in my greed for me

the title says it all. ive been feeling unsatisfied physicaly. restrictions in the relationship, boundaries and little time, have gotten me to consider an addition (please read more so you can really not like me please). i know if neither of these were in place im pretty positive i would be happy as a hendu cow. so i decide im open to another (and no i didnt talk to bubby about my line of thinking). =(

i wronged her in so many ways;
thinking i could ease my problems of unsatisfaction in the arms of another.
litterally, saying such right to her not realizing the hurt i was causing.
caring only about myself, i completely lost connection with her.
and i also understand the complete unfairness to any i would bring in my life for a need of another (i even tried to justify that ) =/

we are better now and on the mend, but what i want to ask of the public is,

how do you handle "down time alone"? where do you find the strength to keep your resolve?

and by all means slash me to pieces please, and a little advise too =/

i was asked to clarify ,,, i live 3 and1/2 hours from bubby (not a drive next door when you live in the country around 240miles distance)

and that we are completely addicted to each other. every chance there is we are in touch. a minimum of 2 hours and 20min. on phone a day. its a amazing relationship like no other i have ever been in. such an emotional connection.

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