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RP - I may not have commented on here when you stepped back, but I've followed your journey both here and Facebook. I am glad to see that you and Mono have found peace.

I think for many of us, it is difficult to know what to say when a person who was an inspiration to us on our own poly journey suddenly decides that they want to live monogamously. I actually stumbled onto this forum in 2007 or 2008 when doing research into different types of relationship models and families. It wasn't until 2009 when my relationship with Wendigo formed, that I realized that I'd already found the term for what I was, what I have always been, even when I was living "monogamously" (by which I mean, the other relationships I was in were FWBs, and so I didn't see them as real relationships until much later). Your story and LR's story helped me more than I've ever really expressed in those early days when I was trying to navigate having more than one LTR and a family.

I hope that you do stop in from time to time because there is still much we can learn from you about truly being our own primaries. Good luck and enjoy seeing the world from your motorcycle.
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