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Default Further Warming

My friendship with Metis seems to be changing since our road trip this past weekend, as we're making more plans to spend time together.

We were at a party on Saturday night, the night after our road trip, arriving and leaving separately. She sent me a text saying she wished she'd had a chance to spend more time with me. I told her she could stop by for tea - her route home passes not far from my house - but she didn't see that text until she was already home.

Sunday, we started planning for a festival we're attending in another state - one I've posted about before. I'll be camping with the girls, she'll be camping on our own; we've been talking about sharing a site and sharing equipment and supplies.

We're planning to have lunch, tomorrow, and just today made plans for her to come over Friday evening to cook, play some music, and generally hang out with me and whichever of the girls is here that evening.

I find myself wondering what happens next, imagining what might happen next . . . and pulling myself back from imagining too much or expecting too much.

The result, in all, is a happy kind of tension.
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