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So Seven actually is probably going to be moving to Indiana at the end of this month/beginning of next. He got offered a promotion that would put him there. No matter how things would go between us I can't do long distance so it is the end of that all.

There's a big part of me that wants to talk with him about us having a couple of days together just to get the closure we never got when the relationship ended (and to say goodbye to him in every way I can). So I probably will.

Also been working on a note to help understand and process my emotions about everything. So far I've just started but realized that my first desire for him was June of 2011, nearly a year before we got together.

I know I'll post it here. Once it's typed up I do want him to read it and let me know if it would cause any problems for him before I put it on FB or FL.

Still devastated and heartbroken (that feeling that part of my heart and part of my home is leaving). But at least now I feel like I can start working on getting myself to a point where I can move on, start a relationship, and then feel safe enough to become submissive again.
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