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Default Marcus cracks me up

Not because there's a "right" and and "exact wrong" reason why "anyone would would not be monogamous", but because relationships are one of the decisions that don't need a reason. We each get to decide for ourselves, in our own lives, and that decision is completely up to each of us as individuals.

Nobody has the right to tell you who or how you are allowed to love a consenting adult.

It is one of the few things in life that you do not need to justify in any way whatsoever. The reason can simple be because you feel like it, because it is your preference right this second and even though it may change it doesn't matter, it's completely up to each person. It's the one place in life where there is no wrongful discrimination, you can be as discriminatory as you like, it is your choice

It doesn't matter, there is no right or wrong reason, it's your choice and only yours and you don't need any excuse. You can compare and contrast if you want to too, it is up to you

so long as you are talking about knowledgeable consenting adults, there is no wrong way to prefer your relationships, you might not be able to keep very many relationships intact if you are constantly comparing people. It may not help your self esteem to compare yourself to others,

but it seriously isn't the comparing that is the problem. You are going to run into problems no matter what you tell yourself to justify something that in no way requires any justification,

it's your life, you get to choose whose love you will accept or reject and who you will offer yours to, for no other reason than you feel like it, and that's more than a good enough reason

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